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    Concrete steel nails


    Steel Concrete nails are also known as Concrete Steel nails or Masonry nails. Steel Concrete nails are widely used to secure objects into masonry and other hard and brittle materials. 

    Galvanized Steel Concrete Nails(Smooth Shank)
    Nail Sizes 1.8×20mm          4.2×75mm
    Nail Sizes 2×25mm             4.57×100mm
    Nail Sizes 3×40mm             4.8×80mm
    Nail Sizes 3.4×50mm          4.8×90mm
    Nail Sizes 3.8×65mm           5×125mm
    Black Concrete Nails/Bluish Concrete Nails
    Nail Sizes      2×20mm         2×25mm           2×30mm
    Nail Sizes      2.5×25mm      2.5×30mm        2.5×40mm
    Nail Sizes      3×30mm        3×40mm           3×50mm
    Nail Sizes      3×60mm        3×60mm           3×70mm
    Nail Sizes      3×80mm        3×90mm           3×100mm
    Nail Sizes      4.2×75mm      4.2×100mm     4.2×125mm
    Color Concrete Nails
    Nail Sizes       3×25mm          3×30mm        3.2×40mm
    Nail Sizes      3.6×50mm       4×60mm        4.2×75mm
    Nail Sizes      4.2×100mm

    Sunk-Head Concrete Nails
    Nail Sizes    2.5×25mm        2.5×30mm       2.5×40mm
    Nail Sizes    3×30mm           3×40mm          3.2×50mm
    Nail Sizes    3.6×65mm        4×75mm          4.2×100mm
    K Concrete Nails / T Concrete Nails
    Nail Sizes    3×25mm          3×40mm        3.8×25mm
    Nail Sizes    3.8×40mm      3.8×50mm      3.8×65mm
    Nail Sizes    3.8×75mm      3.8×100mm
    Packing of Concrete Nails
    1.  20-25KG/Carton in Bulk
    2.  20-25KG/Wooden Box in Bulk
    3.  400Gram/Box ,50Boxes/Carton
    4.  500Gram/Box ,40Boxes/Carton
    5.  1KG/Box,25Boxes/Carton
    6.  2.5KGS/BOX,10Boxes/Carton
    7.  5KGS/Box,6Boxes/Carton
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